Graduates should be able to:

Utilize research and assessment data to identify needs and establish learning outcomes for the development of programs and services

jt - 242 copy.jpg

An internship with the Memorial Union Program Council provided me with the opportunity to explore the impact of qualitative assessments, in relation to strategic planning, leading to a  contribution to the annual report.

Design and implement assessment tools and interpret data to inform future programs

The majority of my CSSA experiences were connected to digital communication — and I was able to develop a Student Affairs Google Analytics Project. Designed to bring division-wide awareness to the google analytics platform, making sure that we can continue to build web, social media and communication experiences that are adequately assessed and adjusted as needed.

I now have quite a bit of experience working with Google Analytics, Data Studio, and Search Console — something that I did not have when I entered the CSSA program. The CSSA programs project credits allowed me to create projects that were connected to my interests, a component of the program that I definitely enjoyed. I have presented on Google Analytics topics numerous times as a CSSA graduate student to professional faculty and staff, as well as to students. As I finish up this exciting project, I’m working to contribute a module specifically focused on Google Analytics, that will be a part of a Canvas studio page dedicate to marketing and communications training.

Apply knowledge of diverse audiences in the development, communication, delivery, and assessment of programs, curricula, and services

Working in a central office of communications and marketing provided me with seemingly endless opportunities to engage with marketing based assessment practices, and focus group scenarios to understand user impression of the Student Experience Website.

Identify target populations and use appropriate marketing strategies to maximize program effectiveness

As a graduate student, I was able to leverage Google Analytics URL campaign builder and related search metrics and social campaign tracking to see what links are being clicked on, where the users end up, with the plan to improve and / or reinforce communication channels to better serve students, faculty, staff and community members.

Implement accessible and engaging programs incorporating innovative techniques and technology to meet the needs of a diverse audience

Data visualization; race and ethnic internet studies; google analytics; and online authenticity are themes that have been consistent with my academic and professional interests throughout the CSSA program.

I designed, delivered and / or was part of a leading role for 8 professional workshops focused on digital communication,  which presented across the Oregon State University community, in both in-person and online formats.

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